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Competitor Promotional Match

Matching Competitors Text and Email Promotions


General restrictions applicable to all offers and subject to availability. Selection varies by store. Text or Email promotions must be shown at the time of the purchase and are valid only for new purchases. Same restrictions apply as to D&K Suit City text promotions.

A competitor is considered as a discounter in the men’s and women's discount fashion suit industry. In order for a text to be considered applicable the sale should apply to identical merchandise as the competitor and the competitor should be priced no more than D&K Suit City for the same item.  If the competitor is priced higher for the same items and their promotion discount reduces their price below D&K Suit City’s regular price then D&K Suit City will match that price. 

Management at D&K Suit City reserve the right to determine what is considered competitors and to determine if the competitors text is appropriate to match based on our current sales and promotions.

D&K Suit City reserves the right to cancel matching competitors discounts and promotions at any time.